I play violin. That's what I have learned, that's what I know best, that's what i have been doing all my life and that is what I feel most connected to.

I started playing the violin because it is the closest to the human voice, nothing is more like singing for me. It can even go much further. To my mind, there is no other instrument that has so many possibilities, colours, technical functions, so much range. Yet is also close to and connected to us - they way we hold it makes it part of us -close to the body, the heart and head, feeling the vibration - the way we make sound with our hands - pressing our fingers onto the strings changing the pitch, using the skin and flesh of our fingertips to change the colours. So when playing, we touch and feel the sound physically and we become one with the instrument - in fact we become the instrument. A violin will never sound the same when played by a different player. My violin, an instrument made in 1727 in Cremona by Antonio Stradivari, is like an extension of myself, a means to express or communicate my inner self in ways beyond words or definitions. For me no other instrument can do that.