Review Quotes



Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung


„This sound can only be from Heifetz!“

Scala Magazine, Germany


“Magic violin in Porto Alegre”

“… Kameda, with the Stradivarius, which in his hands turned into a magical violin, showed that he has all the prerequisites to follow in the same steps as Menuhin, from whom he had already received enthusiastic applause.

Zero Hora, Brazil


“Classical violinist shines in Olympiad“

“What made these concerts so striking was the mesmerizing performance of violinist Koh Gabriel Kameda.. His technique is flawless, and this, combined with his refined musicality, makes him a truly remarkable artist.”

Deseret News, Salt Lake City, USA


 “ of the best violinists of the orbit”

Newspaper City El Dia, Mexico City


 “unlimited virtuosity”

Irish Independent


“perfect teamwork”

Münchner Merkur


“…mature musician with no technical limits”

New Yorker Staatszeitung


 “superior virtuosity and heartfelt expressiveness”

Berliner Morgenpost


 “ingenious violinist”

Newspaper Yediot Ha’achronot Tel Aviv, Israel


 “…exceptionally talented young violinist, with no technical limits"

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung



Neue Musik Zeitung, Germany


"A dialogue between violin and orchestra, performed by Kameda with impressive musical intensity"

Salzburger Woche, Austria


“a violinist who will conquer the music world with a charming stroke of his bow”

Esslinger Zeitung, Germany


“A New Violin Wonder” 

"... it was one of those nights of which one tells their grandchildren they were witness to the emergence of an extraordinary new violin prodigy."

Badische Zeitung, Freiburg, Germany


"incredibly beautiful tone"

Ongaku No Tomo Magazine, Tokyo, Japan


"The young violinist Kameda seemed to personify tranquility. However when he played Paganini's "Introduction and Variations on Nel cor piu non mi sento", he was a sorcerer. The notes swirled and buzzed by themselves. In the left hand pizzicato, combined with continuous melody, one thought the violin played on its own. Who could resist the magic?"

Pforzheimer Zeitung, Germany


“From the moment Kameda stroked his bow across his 1727 Stradivari violin beautiful music lifted our souls out of the rain and returned us to the magical place where we recognise the Divine.”

The Westerly News, Vancouver, Canada