"When you want to build a ship, do not begin by gathering wood, cutting boards, and distributing work, but awaken within the heart of man the desire for the vast and endless sea" 

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


In the end, when teaching, what makes the difference is what you can't teach. Talent you can't teach. Talent is a gift, an aptitude not achievable through learning . To me talent is one of the most fascinating and beautiful things in life. Like a natural wonder when it appears, you are mesmerised and feel that there are certain things you can't explain.

However when I teach I am not trying to reinvent the wheel, i am passing on the art and tradition of playing the violin as it has been shown to me by my teacher, the same way as it was taught to him by his teacher and so on. Of course i share my personal experiences along with it, but knowing about the various skills being learned for mastering one of the most difficult musical instruments is a knowledge that has been developed by mankind through centuries and is only passed on from one generation to the next through personal instruction and guidance.

So after we finish working on all the various details one can teach and learn, like Saint-Exupery said: "gathering wood, cutting boards and distributing work", talent will show how far you can reach with your "ship".